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Beyond working to educate and engage US Americans in understanding the issues facing - and imposed upon - Haiti, we seek to support grassroots initiatives that are justice-oriented and Haitian-led.

We have worked in solidarity with many of our partners for over a decade. These groups work creatively and effortlessly to address issues in their communities, while also addressing the root-level causes of structural violence head on.




"SOPUDEP (Society of Providence United for the Economic Development of Petion-Ville) is a Haitian founded and run grassroots organization located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The organizations Founder and Director is Madam Réa Dol, who to her credit, is a tireless advocate of a prosperous Haiti built on equality. SOPUDEP’s focus is on providing accessible education to adults and children, supporting children’s and women’s rights, and creating programs of economic empowerment for members of their community. They also work closely with other local organizations to help them achieve these same goals in other communities that face economic and social challenges."

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"The Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) and the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) are a partnership of Haitian and US human rights advocates. We support the Haitian people in their struggle to achieve universal human rights, access to a just legal system, social justice, a society without violence, and the right to participate fully in choosing their government. Using models like the US civil rights movement, we are active in the courts, both in Haiti and internationally, in the streets and in poor neighborhoods. We work in partnership with grassroots movements, to transform the structural injustices that stand in the way of stability and prosperity for the majority of Haitians."

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"Since 2000, the What If? Foundation has partnered with members of the Ti Plas Kazo community in Port-au-Prince to provide children in the area with food and educational opportunities. The programs have always been Haitian led and Haitian run and this is why they are so effective. Our relationship is grounded in mutual respect, trust, and the belief that taking small steps at a grassroots level is essential to lasting change.. Our Haitian partners continue to do all they can to support the local economy and agricultural self-sufficiency in Haiti. They buy all the food and supplies for the food program locally, from farmers and small distributors"

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"UNIFA is a multi-discipline, accredited university unique for its emphasis on human rights and dignity to build a new and just Haiti. UNIFA launched a new pre-college prepatory program to make good on UNIFA’s promise of serving all Haitians by creating a pathway to a University education for young people whose high school education has not given them a strong enough academic basis to begin University level courses. "

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"Haiti-based, Alternative Chance is a self-help, peer counseling program founded in 1996 that provides limited services and advocacy on behalf of Haitians who were in conflict with the law prior to deportation, while incarcerated upon their deportation to Haiti, and during their integration into Haitian society. "

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"Sakala serves as Cite Soleil’s only youth community center, to develop children and young adults through athletics, agronomy, and education.  Founded as a Pax Christi peacebuilding project, Sakala builds people of courage and character, to strengthen the families and communities of Cite Soleil."

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