About Us

Our mission is to work for the structural changes needed in Haiti and the US to provide social, political and economic rights to all Haitians.

To achieve our mission we establish three major goals:

Support established grassroots efforts in Haiti

We will support grassroots groups that are committed to solutions for Haiti for a variety of issues from education, to gender violence, to lack of food access. Each organization that we partner with has as its ultimate goal the empowerment of Haitians to work for the betterment of their country.

Develop a network of advocates for Haiti

Our goal is to build a network of advocates and activists - in Minnesota and beyond - who are committed to building a world where justice, peace, and prosperity can prevail in Haiti. We work in partnership with groups in the US and Haiti to raise awareness about issues facing Haiti and take action in solidarity.

Work for more just US policies and actions toward Haiti

We seek to bring awareness of the underlying causes of Haiti’s struggles, including the US policies that have contributed greatly to Haiti’s poverty and political instability. We will work actively to support just and beneficial US policies toward Haiti.


To learn more or get involved with our work, please email us at info@haitijusticealliance.org.